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A multilingual website?

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By now you might have noticed that you can switch to mirror versions of this site with the top menu, and that 4 different languages are available. It’s also sometimes possible to use the lateral menu to see the current page in a different language.

The challenge of accessibility

After living in France, the UK, Argentine and Brazil, I’ve had many opportunities to see that English is far from being a “lingua franca” in the education world. In fact, many of the teachers and students I’ve met are mostly willing to read articles in their own language only. I’m always happy to share resources or opinion with any audience, and I’ve chosen not to limit myself to just one language to publish articles. I’m not saying that everything will always be available in Spanish, French, Portuguese and English; but the option is there, for whenever I want to use it.

That being said, I feel that I should insist that my goal is just to make the content more accessible for readers from different countries. I’m writing all the articles by myself and inevitably my style and syntax depend on my command of each language. Hopefully it will still give you a better experience than putting everything in an automatic translator! As a language lover, I’m having lots of fun with such a challenge, and I’ll always be happy to receive corrections and feedback on my translations.

This makes the blog alive:

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